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This is art. Its a piece of paper where you draw something and post it in dA so everyone can see it. My collection of art includes Animatronics from FNAF, ponies, and sometimes pokemon or something else.

Random Favourites

The most beautiful, cool and funniest art pieces and comics I've found on dA are in here! Includes a lot of variety, mainly FNAF, MLP and Pokemon, but it also has everything else.


Revenge by Odrios
by Odrios

This is beautiful, brutal, dark and..bloody. You captured Purple Guy's pain and expression very well, and I really like the blood, even...

Restless Forever by Odrios
by Odrios

Holy hay. The last one. It has been a long yet emotional journey. The lighting in this pic has nice purple hue, giving a nice look to t...

You Can't Escape Me (Springtrap 4K SFM) by gold94chica

It's so nice to see that you're back---well into FNAF pics like this~ Anyways, the picture…oh lordie, it's creepy and awesome at the sa...

Your New Nightmare Has Arrived by Kana-The-Drifter

Holy heck, this is some creepy crap! xD This is clearly more frightening than Fredbear and Nightmare, and I don't even understand how y...


Shiruvix's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Hiya my dear visitor! I am Shiruvix, formerly known as SillyMangle, and this is my dA page. If you wanna see the crappy art I do with drawing tablet and ArtRageStudios, go ahead. Someday, if I get my hands on SFM, I might start doing those instead of digital art more often. Usually I work hard to make the pics and even if I don't get that much faves or comments, I still do art because it's my passion.

I am usually friendly, calm, honest and of course silly by my personality. I also am very loyal, and I do have pepper'ish anger inside me. Overall, I am very generous and fair towards everyone, even unknown persons. I might be shy, lazy and even untrusting, but I still don't let it get to me that much.

If we talk about fandoms, I seriously LOVE Five Nights at Freddy's, thanks to the lore, and the artists who makes amazing art about the game. It took about a year, but I finally managed to play those games. I also really like MLP:FIM, my favorite tv show, and it has helped me a lot with life. And the art people make are amazing too. Pokemon is my favorite game series if we do not count Fnaf. HTTYD is also part of the things I really like.

My dreams:
- To own SFM someday and be good at it.
- MAYBE get recognized by dA people who makes SFM FNAF pictures and form a friendship with them. And I could help them with their problems.
- All people would have happy and safe life.
- To own more fan-stuff irl~

If you still do enjoy my art despite the lack of hyper-quality, I am happy. But when I do art, I aim to make everyone happy, to feel the emotion I had while I was making that piece.

And before you ask, my Top 5 animatronics, with the fan buttons:

Made by Dafomin, all praise to him <3

Honorable mention to Plushtrap, Toy Chica and Golden Freddy.
If you have interest on FNAF Q&A's, check out my alt account, where simple art style and cuteness are main attraction!

Lack of Updates?

Journal Entry: Wed Sep 7, 2016, 9:10 AM

Are there really lack of updates from me? Yes, yes there are.

Heck, I am honestly feeling bad for not making any comics ever since school started, which is almost a month ago. I do have plans for SOC(School of Clichés), and FN(Frightful Nights), but I haven't had any strength to make them. Last weekend I could've make them, but I was way too tired. But this weekend, I promise that I will make another page of SOC, and maybe, two pages of FN, depends if I have time, heck I have only 2 and half days. ...That is if..I don't get too lazy again or be too worried about next week, I have paranoiac personality and I worry too easily.

I am still not going to give any major spoilers about SOC, but...I give a hint. Previous pages has a hint of what's coming up, and it has something to do with dancing...

That's all, thanks for reading and stay loyal~



That annoying moment when you're sick and you have to go somewhere and you can't cancel it...ffs...
That moment when you decide to delete your old art pieces, and realize that you cringe to them...oh god how horrible artist I was. Oh wait I still am...
Bonnie's NOPE Face  (Chat Icon) 

Should I try and push out a Frightful Nights page for you guys? :3 

7 deviants said Yes.
7 deviants said ABSOLUTELY!!!
2 deviants said Definitely.
1 deviant said Seriously why you haven't done any pages…? Tell me D:


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